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DFY Marketing

We support small to medium sized business with their marketing. We slot into your business as your marketing department. 

Made To Measure: Digital Marketing Services To Fit Your Business Needs

At RAD Marketing, we help small business owners identify what marketing they need to be doing and to do those two marketing activities well. This strategy will be sufficient to get you in front of prospects. 

Before you get to this point you want to work out who your ideal customer is. Then you need to work out where it is that you can find them to start marketing your services to them. You should understand what they challenges and issues are and create marketing content that clearly identifies how you answer those pain points.

Marketing Help: Know Your Customer

This is the fundamental of any marketing strategy. You might know this as creating a customer profile, or more recently, it being referred to as an avatar. Either way, you must identify clearly who your customer is, their challenges in business, and how your business services or products can support them to achieve their objectives in their business. 

Social media management services from RA

Social Media Management

Beautiful posts, video content and audience engagement strategies. We deliver more than likes, or audiences that aren't your target client. We don't buy audiences, we work with you to connect you to yours. We'll offer advice on content that you need to grow engagement.

Podcast editing and promotional services

Podcast Promotion

We work to drive up listening figures, building audiences and finding new interviewees. Promoting your podcast across social media and other methods. We can also edit your podcast recording and create audio snippets from your podcast in mp3 and mp4 formats. We also edit video content such as Zoom recorded podcasts to supply on YouTube and other video platforms.


SEO Services

We help you to grow your business and get higher up Google results with work on your SEO. We'll devise a SEO plan that will focus on how you can grow your keywords, push higher up the list for your rankings and develop a backlink strategy.

RAD Marketing helps businesses to identi

Marketing Strategy

Defining the right marketing strategy for your business is vital. With 60% of marketing budgets spent on the wrong thing, this is something that you don't want to waste money on getting wrong.