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It's All About Your Clients

First things first. It is all about your clients. So it stands to reason that the most important part of your marketing is identifying who exactly they are. You want to create a value proposition for all of your clients / customers and identifying what their exact challenges are by their niche. A retail business will be facing different challenges to a cyber security business, although they may be joined in commonality in struggling to attract talent. Your graduate recruiter will be facing different pressures, and have altogether different target talent requirements - who also have different wants and needs from their future employer, than a new executive search brief.  If your clients cannot see the answer to their problem in your products or services or that you understand what issues they are facing, then they won't buy from you. It will take them longer to see you as the answer to their challenges. This is so often glossed over but it is the cornerstone of all of your marketing. Not only that, you should be constantly reviewing your value propositions and your customer profiles, because things are constantly evolving and changing and so will their challenges as well.

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We Think Like Your Clients

RAD Marketing is a full service boutique marketing agency for small to medium sized businesses and start ups. We deliver marketing support to businesses selling into hr / c-suite functions as well as supporting businesses/institutions looking to recruit new students or subscribers.

We work with

  • recruitment agencies and new SAAS into the recruitment sector

  • executive search agencies

  • market research agencies - recruiting market research participants

  • universities 

We've started with businesses at the beginning, developing marketing strategies to identify which marketing levers to pull and when, whilst building in paid for activities and strategic activities and partnerships as those businesses grow. 

60% of budgets are spent on the wrong marketing activities

We also work with clients by carrying out a full marketing audit. This starts with the website and client avatars, to reviewing the various elements of the marketing strategy to ensure that this is aligned with the sales and conversion strategy.  We'll identify areas that you can improve on in your digital marketing so that you can be confident that the marketing activities are going to support the sales targets. There are various low cost marketing activities that can support driving engagement and interest from your clients. It will require more than a focus on one channel. The digital space is very crowded, which is why we work to really bottom out the value proposition for each client segment you are targeting. Your content needs to speak to those segments. We will continue to A/B test content and utilise dynamic content to ensure that we are testing results to identify how to engage your prospect to take action on your CTAs.

There are better things you can be spending your time on, which is where RAD Marketing comes in

We work with businesses identifying the right marketing activities to support business plans and growth. We'll work with you to ensure that you can build your business by identifying lead generation and nurturing strategies, as well as other activities across the marketing mix to support your sales teams and conversions.

You can expect help and support to make audience connections that convert to sales.  As we're putting various activities to the test daily, across our clients projects, adjusting and resetting, it means that we are on top of what works (so you can expect to be too).  We will work with you by either slotting into your business as a full marketing service, particularly useful for teams with limited bandwidth to manage various digital marketing activities and projects.

Working with RAD Marketing can help you grow your business:

Are you looking for help with lead generation, automations, paid search or paid social 

We can help you with your organic SEO through a well thought through content strategy to make you visible in search rankings. We can also help you to build social media strategies that grow your email marketing lists and create automated email marketing campaigns that deliver results.  We also work on targeted direct mail campaigns to identified targets and segments for a highly engaged campaign that continues to build the relationship with that client.

RAD Marketing offers a temporary marketing service to businesses

We also offer a temporary marketing service to businesses where they need an additional team member for a short term marketing project, or to cover maternity and sick leave. Having worked across a number of sectors we are able to get to speed quickly by understanding the customers base that you are targeting. We have worked in direct marketing services and marketing communications activities and are well suited to covering all of the marketing mix. 

What People Say

"Rachel has managed our social media, promotions and advertising with flair. She brings a thoughtful strategic outlook to all of her work. I would be delighted to recommend her"

Fiona Jack, MD

We make quality digital marketing activities affordable for businesses and by using RAD Marketing to deliver marketing services directly, our customers are able to focus on growing their business. 

Find out how we can help you to  focus on the right digital marketing activities for your B2B business to convert more sales, grow your customers' lifetime value, and increase the number of direct prospective enquiries.  

With over 15 years' big brand experience, and 5 years' helping  startups and small to medium sized businesses, the RAD Marketing team are passionate that your marketing should be delivering leads and opportunities while adding value. We are a small agency that helps businesses with many areas of their digital marketing including SEO agency services, social media content creation, email marketing and marketing strategy.

DIY Marketing

Done By You

You want to maintain control of your marketing, you like learning new things and you are looking for some guidance in what you should be focussing on.

Choose from our packages that suit your needs, from a light touch, to guided sessions, templates and follow up. Prices range between £250 - £500.

Ideal for you if: 

  • You don't want to commit to a monthly marketing fee

  • You want to learn the skills to do it yourself

  • You need help to set up templates or understand how to place an ad

  • You want to learn the latest best practise in marketing your business to place you ahead of your competition

Marketing Services

Done For You

You would like to be able to focus on what you do best; running your business. You work with us on a project basis or we work as your marketing department.


Packages start at £500, everything is bespoke to you and your client base, as you have specific needs for your business and one size never fits all!

Ideal for you if:  

  • You would like someone else to manage the marketing for you

  • You want to maintain and element of control but don't want to spend the time implementing

  • You are looking for a bespoke service, rather than a limited number of options that don't fit your business needs.

On Demand - Learning


If you are looking to learn more about marketing, social media, how to create great graphics with shortcuts, how to carry out your website review, a marketing audit, or how to improve your organic SEO then you'll find all that you need here.

You can choose from a number of short video courses to fit around you. All delivered by video and available on our members platform.

Ideal for you if: 

  • You want to learn how to improve your marketing by yourself

  • You want to learn at a time that suits you, rather than meeting with someone

  • You are interested in the latest best practise in digital marketing

How can you work with RAD Marketing?

Find the digital marketing help you're looking for


I'm looking for help with SEO

We work with businesses to help them with their SEO content. We help businesses with their onsite seo and technical seo. You want to be producing keyword rich and SEO worthy content. We can help you to identify what keywords you should be targeting and continuing to grow this for you, so that you are adding more keywords options to rank against.

We can also identify how your competitors are performing, finding out what their best performing pages and content are and how you can improve on it. We work on your on page SEO content to identify the organic keywords and long tail phrases you need to set your business apart and featuring higher up the ranking.

We'll also work with you to build a backlink profile.

It is worth remembering that SEO is the first part of the step, seo rankings can be challenging and some keywords are easier to rank for than others. You should remember that while seo and organic rankings are important, what your website says and does is also a vital part of your SEO and is an important part of the conversion journey.

What is SEO?

SEO is also known as Search Engine Optimisation. It is the work that goes into your website to optimise your content both within the words that are written and appear on your website as well as the technical parts of your website.

How can I find keywords for my business?

Keywords are the key search terms that you want your business to be known for. You will constantly be adding to this list of keywords. Keywords are an important part of your website and your content and it is worth taking the time to think about and identify what your keywords are. This list will continue to grow and evolve over time. If you run a report on your competitors, if they have been established for a long time, it is likely that they rank for many hundreds of keywords. This is why it is a task that is ever evolving. Once you start to rank for keywords, you want to carry out more work to ensure that you rank for more keywords. There are many providers that will enable you to run a keyword search from your competitors, that will suggest new keywords for you as well as identifying what you currently rank for. These keyword rankings will form part of a google search, so when you type a query into the search bar in Google, you should be able to see your content appearing.

What are backlinks and why are they important?

Backlinks are links from other people's websites, that link to a page on your website. They are anchored into text within someone else's blog, or from a directory listing. They are important as they form part of Google's metrics when they are looking at the domain authority of a website. In other words, if your website has lots of links to it and those links come from other reputable websites, then you can improve your domain relevance and authority. Again, if you look at your closest competitors, you will see that if they have been established for a long time, they will have gathered many backlinks to their website. Backlinks signifity to Google that your business is a genuine one and that people trust it. Much like the premise of know like and trust, when people are getting to know you and your business, Google also applies something similar through the metrics that it looks at. RAD Marketing helps clients to grow their backlink profile from reputable websites as well as other importatnt elements of SEO.

Digital Marketing

I want a full marketing service from a marketing agency

Offering a full marketing service, where we run the whole marketing function, or help SMEs with their marketing by focussing on one area of their marketing or project. This enables you to focus on running your business. We cover all elements of digital marketing. Details are further down this page and plans and pricing can also be found here. Prices start from £750 per month

I need help building a digital marketing strategy

Not sure where to start with your marketing or how your marketing will deliver the sales (conversions) that you are after? We'll go through a marketing audit of where you are and how you can move forward effectively.

I am struggling to get new business

We work with small to medium sized businesses many of whom are all trying to achieve the same thing - grow their business and get in front of new clients. We work with our clients to help them to identify who their ideal client is. Then we work on marketing messaging and proposition to make it really clear what the product or service is that they are selling and to clearly communicate how their product or service helps their ideal clients. We work with these businesses to identify their ideal niche (or niches) and to work out the best way to target and approach those ideal clients. We can advise on channels that those groups may be appearing on and suggest ideal ways to get in touch with them. This will be through more than one marketing activity, as to enjoy success in your marketing you need to do more than one marketing activity. Book a call with us to see how we can help.

Marketing Done By You

I want to learn how to do marketing for myself

This is for you if you are interested in being able to carry out the activities yourself. You can find out more about our packages here in summary:

  • Harmony - free strategy call (30 minutes)
  • Revitalise - 1 hour power hour call - to cover any area of your marketing, new business pitches, presentation reviews or any integration issues with your email and website
  • Invigorate - Marketing strategy plan and a 1 hour call to go through the main elements and how you can move forward
  • Energise - 2 hour call to launch your marketing strategy includes templates and a follow up 2 hour review to ensure all is working for you and trouble shooting any challenges

I am not sure what marketing I should be doing?

Marketing is an important part of your business and it is something that you need to dedicate time each week to. Even getting recommendations for your work, is still marketing as those people who you have worked for, are moved to share you as a recommendation with their network. So at a minimum, you should have at least two channels to market to you prospective clients with. However, before you even get that far, you need to think about who your ideal client it. Now your business services or products might be suitable for anyone, but you need to cast the net to your niche. The more focussed you are on your ideal clients, the more concentrated you can become on their needs and challenges and how your services or products directly answer those challenges. Then once you know who your niche is, you need to work out how you are going to approach them. Email marketing is still a highly converting marketing tool. In fact gdpr has helped with this as emaill inboxes are more focussed and it is easier to get rid of spam. Therefore you want to have a strategy that includes building an email marketing list. Social media is a great way to drive traffic to your website, but it won't necessarily get you a client directly, so manage your expectations here. That said, if you aren't on social media, how are people going to find you? Is your website strong enough to convey your personality and message that you want to get across to your ideal audience?

Social Media Management

I'm looking for help with my social media channels

From posts design and scheduling to branding and engagement packages. Full details of services here. Pricing starts from £500 per month. See some examples of designs here.

I promote regularly on social media but I'm not getting business

We are often contacted by clients who are promoting content on social media but they aren't getting much interest or follow up on their content. Firstly we work through their marketing messaging to ensure that this is clear, we work with the client to make sure that they are targeting their niche correctly (that they have a niche) and that it is clear what you want people to do with your content. We also have the talk about how social media isn't the only channel to market and shouldn't be relied on as such. In B2B marketing, we see more sales and conversions taking place from email marketing than via social media marketing. Social media is a means to getting yourself noticed and for helping with the problem of how you get people to know, like and trust you. It is also a means of growing a community and a following. However, sales are not likely to come from a couple of posts. You need to be visible by both video and posting strategy but need to also include an email marketing strategy and what you should be trying to do through your social media is to get people to sign up to your email list.

I'm struggling to get my stuff seen on social media

Engagement has been falling of late coupled with a reduction in digital marketing traffic. The return to work with some returning to the office has seen an impact on social media traffic. It is worth remembering that the digital social marketing space is very full. So much content is being generated and posted to social channels as new services are made available. The race for engagement and visibility is even harder to win than it was a number of years ago. On top of this, many social media platforms operate a pay to play strategy and their algorithms will boost your initial posts in front of people and then you'll have to work harder to get people to see your stuff, particularly if people were not that interested in the first place.

Should I be posting to all social media channels?

No. Firstly you should identify who your core client is and make sure you have identified a niche. Then you need to work out where it is that they appear or hangout on social media. That might also be groups they are members of as well as hashtags that they might be following.

Email Marketing

I'm looking for help to set up and run email marketing campaigns

If you're looking for automation strategies to convert your email subscribers, or starting with a lead magnet strategy to grow your list, you'll find what you need here. We work strategically to create campaigns to suit your subscribers interactions with your emails, identifying and growing engagement throughout your email marketing.

Is email marketing right for my business?

Email marketing still drives a huge number of conversions and calls in B2B marketing. GDPR has helped to remove spam from people's inboxes . That said, you need to be prepared to create a regular email marketing strategy, where you communicate with your list at least once a month but no more than once a week. All of your emails should be adding value, so gone are the days of the newsletter where you talk about what you've been doing. Move over for focussed emails that identify solutions for the reader. Don't panic though, because you can repurpose your content. If you take a step back, you'll probably realise that you have a lot of content created already, from blogs, to videos, to social media posts which can be created into a longer form of content for an email.

What should I avoid with email marketing?

Apart from the obvious, no spammy words and material, out goes too many photos, coloured headings and lower case letters at the start of sentences. Do check how your email formats in all email providers; whether that is Microsoft office, Google mail / Gmail, hotmail and yahoo as all email providers are different. Simple and added value content are winners these days and don't follow fads. Avoid emojis in subject lines and don't use lowercase letter at the start of a sentence, in your header or visible line text. It looks terrible in an inbox and you'll only annoy grammar pedants (there are more around than you realise). Do pay attention to the subject line for each email and take a look at what has worked well for you here but under no circumstances should you use click bait titles. Email marketing is about credibility. Keep your emails helpful, to the point and add value.

Video editing/ Podcast services

I am looking for help to create videos about my business

We work with small to medium sized business owners to help them to tell their stories through video content. In many cases, you will have created a lot of content over the years from blog writing. We can use this to create new video content that you can share on your social media channels or via your website. Video has been the fastest growing content area for years and it is one way to give a boost to your SEO too. This is the type of video we can create, with subtitles or captions as many social media platforms open videos on mute. Plus if someone is in a business office on on the train, they are unlikely to have sound on.

Examples of clients worked with

Recruitment / Executive Search

AIMS International UK and AIMS Internati

AIMS International UK


AIMS International Ireland

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Training / Subscription businesses

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The Trainers Training Company

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Social enterprises / charity / education

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